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9.2 Installation of Eclipse Tools

In this section we outline the installation of the various Eclipse tools that are needed to use PPW within the Eclipse environment.

The first major step is to install Eclipse PTP and its various prerequisites, including CDT. Detailed installation instructions are provided on the PTP Downloads page; be sure to install the latest versions of Eclipse, CDT, and PTP.

Note: To use PPW in Eclipse, you almost certainly want to install optional features of CDT, in particular UPC support (and the Berkeley UPC toolchain). To install these features, you must use the CDT update site (only the core CDT features are available from the Helios update site):

CDT Update Site:

In particular, if you will be compiling UPC applications with Berkeley UPC (a fairly likely scenario with PPW), you will want to select the Unified Parallel C Berkeley UPC Toolchain Support feature, which provides a tool-chain and project wizard for using this compiler within Eclipse.

The PPW plugin is now part of Eclipse PTP and available from the Eclipse Helios site (PTP components are listed under General Purpose Tools). When installing the PTP components, be sure to select PTP Parallel Performance Wizard (PPW) to install the PPW plugin.