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1.3 High-Level Description of PPW's Workflow

In designing PPW, we have strived to make day-to-day usage of our tool to be as painless as possible. Rather than require users to completely modify their build process, we have opted to use compiler wrapper scripts that take care of the mundane details of setting up PPW's compilation environment. Also, our tool has been designed to work with both batch-processing and interactive machines, so we have taken the approach of providing a text-based interface (via the ppwprof command) for viewing performance data on your parallel machine, in addition to a graphical frontend that can run both on your parallel machine (the ppw command) and on your workstation.

In general, and assuming you have a working installation of PPW (see Installing PPW), to use PPW you generally perform these steps:

More details on each of the steps listed above can be found in later parts in this manual.