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7.3 Using Selective File

This feature is currently available only to UPC.

It is also possible to provide a selective file to ppw by passing an option --selective-file=file to ppwrun. The file specifies the list of events that should be excluded from measurment and a list of events that should never be throttled. An example selective file is shown below,

     #list of events to exclude
     #list of events not to throttle

Each line can contain only one of the following:

Each event is specified as FileName:EventName. Either FileName or EventName can be * which means all the files or all the events. Formations using wild-card charecters (e.g: ft*.c, upc_*_lock, ft?.upc) are not supported in-order to keep the run time overhead due to selective measurment low. Only the basename of the specified FileName would be considered. For example if the specified filename is /usr/local/hello.c only hello.c will be considered.

All events that should be exclude should be defined between EXCLUDE_START and EXCLUDE_END and all events that should be included shoucl be defined between INCLUDE_START and INCLUDE_END.