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B.1 ppw

ppw starts up the PPW Java GUI, which lets you graphically browse performance data you have previously collected with ppwrun(1).

B.1.1 Invoking ppw

To invoke ppw, use the following syntax:

     ppw [-h|--help]

B.1.2 ppw Command Options

ppw accepts the following options:

Show the help screen.

B.1.3 ppw Notes

Note that this command requires a Java installation to work properly. If you do not have a Java installation available, please install the GUI on your workstation, or see the PPW manual section entitled `Installing PPW' for more options.

B.1.4 ppw Environment Variables

If you did not configure PPW to use a Java installation at build time, or would like to override which version of Java PPW uses to start the GUI, you may set the JAVA_CMD environment variable to the full path of a Java interpreter.