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B.3 ppwprof

ppwprof outputs most of the same performance data shown by the PPW graphical interface ppw(1), except in text format. The command works by querying each visualization in the graphical interface for a text version, then displaying that text version if one is available.

By default, the data displayed comes from a text version of the profile table visualization. In this mode, the output is similar to what is available from the gprof(1) command. However, by using the --all option, you can also view text versions of the rest of the analyses and visualizations that are normally shown in the PPW GUI.

In short, the ppwprof command generates a text report of performance data information instead of a graphical report like ppw(1).

B.3.1 Invoking ppwprof

To invoke ppwprof, use the following syntax:

     ppwprof [-s|-l|-p|...] filename.par

B.3.2 ppwprof Command Options

ppwprof accepts the following options:

Print only summary information. In this mode, only aggregated performance will be shown rather than displaying data about each node from the performance data set. This option is the default, and affects each text visualization.
Show detailed information in each text display, including performance data about each node. This option is the converse of --summary.
-o X
Output text data to file X instead of stdout.
Show only profile data, which is taken from the profile table visualization, or tree table visualization if the --prof-callsite option is given. This option is the default and turns off text output for all other visualizations and analyses.
Show text versions of visualization and analysis. This option conflicts with the --prof option, and may generate a lot(!) of text output if used with the -l option.
Use tabs for formatting output. Useful for importing performance data into another program, such as Excel or another data processing/analysis program.
Show the help screen.

B.3.3 ppwprof Notes

Note that this command requires a Java installation to work properly. If you do not have a Java installation available, please install the GUI on your workstation, or see the PPW manual section entitled `Installing PPW' for more options.

For an alternative to ppwprof(1) that does not require a working Java installation, you may use the command.

B.3.4 ppwprof Environment Variables

If you did not configure PPW to use a Java installation at build time, or would like to override which version of Java PPW uses to start the GUI, you may set the JAVA_CMD environment variable to the full path of a Java interpreter.