Re: Installing Berkeley UPC with SGI MIPSpro compiler

Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 14:18:30 PDT

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    On Thu, May 27, 2004 at 01:19:26PM -0600, P Mehta wrote:
    > Here you go.  Thanks again for your help.
    It looks to me like our system finds that the Origin's C compiler is
    defining __DECC, which is the symbol that we usually use to identify
    that Compaq CC is being used.  We determine which compiler is in use by
    testing a number of definitions:
      GASNET_IFDEF(__GNUC__, $3=GNU)
      GASNET_IFDEF(__xlC__, $3=XLC)
      GASNET_IFDEF(__SUNPRO_C, $3=Sun)
      GASNET_IFDEF(_CRAYC, $3=Cray)
      GASNET_IFDEF(__DECC, $3=Compaq)
      if test "$$3" = "unknown"; then
        GASNET_IFDEF(mips, $3=MIPS)
    I've verified from the config.log file you sent me that the Origin's cc
    compiler defines __DECC.  I'm not sure why we're currently skipping the
    'mips' test if one of the other definitions has already been found--my
    guess it that the GNU gcc compiler on the Origin defines both '__GNUC__'
    and 'mips', and so we skipped the test for 'mips' if __GNUC__ was
    already found so we didn't mistake gcc for the Origin's compiler.  But
    that's just a guess--I need to verify this.
    In the meantime, I'm giving you an altered version of our latest stable
    build that doesn't put the 'mips' test in the conditional--so it ought
    to detect the native Origin 'cc' correctly.  On the other hand, it might
    misidentify gcc (but you want to use cc, so that's moot).  Give it a try
    and tell me if it works.
    I've entered a bug in our bug tracking system so we find a more
    permanent fix to this:
    You can create a user account for yourself on the system at 
    and add yourself to the 'CC' field if you want to keep tabs on when we
    fix it.
    Jason Duell             Future Technologies Group
    <jcduell_at_lbl_dot_gov>       Computational Research Division
    Tel: +1-510-495-2354    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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