GASNet v 1.6 released!

From: Dan Bonachea (bonachea_at_cs_dot_berkeley_dot_edu)
Date: Sun Aug 28 2005 - 23:13:56 PDT

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    We are pleased to announce the release of GASNet v 1.6, which is now available 
    for public download from the new GASNet project web site:
    This release coincides with the release of Berkeley UPC 2.2 and Titanium 
    v3.86, both of which include a copy of GASNet 1.6. The high-level summary of 
    changes since the last release is included below.
    The GASNet developers would like to acknowledge the valuable feedback and 
    contributions from the compiler teams using GASNet as a communication 
    substrate - Berkeley UPC, GCC/UPC, Titanium and Rice Co-Array Fortran - as 
    well as the end-users of those systems and direct users of GASNet.
    Congratulations to all!
    Dan Bonachea
    * New conduits added:
       - shmem-conduit: High-performance conduit using the shmem communication
         interface on Cray X1 and SGI Altix. May support targetting other shmem
         implementations in the future.
    * New platform support:
         - Add cross-compilation support, specifically including the Cray X-1
         - Experimental support for the Cray XT3 and IBM Blue Gene/L (contact us
           for details)
         - Other new ports: Linux/PowerPC, Cray MTA, NetBSD/x86, Linux/Alpha,
             FreeBSD/Alpha, HPUX/Itanium, PathScale & Portland Group compilers
         - Linux 2.6 kernel support for gm, vapi, shmem
    * General performance improvements:
         - Replace default barrier implementation on gm, vapi, sci, mpi, udp with 
           more scalable barrier implementation.
         - System-wide performance improvements to AM's
         - Improve the performance and functionality of gasnet_trace
    * Misc changes:
         - Output improvements to gasnet tests
         - Added MPI performance tests to the GASNet tests for ease of comparison
         - Many robustness improvements to job spawning on various conduits and 
         - New environment variable GASNET_VERBOSEENV turns on global reporting of 
           all environment variables in use
         - Improve the robustness and quality of GASNet's automatic heap 
    corruption detection
         - Many, many bug fixes, for both specific conduits and general platform
           portability. See for complete details.
    * Myrinet/GM:
         - gm-conduit now provides interoperability with MPI.
         - add support for spawning with mpiexec
         - several robustness and stability improvements
    * InfiniBand/VAPI:
         - Use firehose to manage local pinning in SEG_FAST, for performance
         - Add a stand-alone ssh-based spawner, and MPI is no longer
           required to build vapi-conduit.
         - Numerous performance improvements, especially for AM's, non-bulk puts
           and large put/gets (>128KB)
         - Improve firehose region efficiency, improving performance on 
         - Add support for striping and multiplexing communication over multiple
           queue pairs
         - Add options for controlling the vapi progress thread
    * IBM SP/LAPI:
         - Change the default GASNET_LAPI_MODE to POLLING, which vastly
           outperforms INTERRUPT on Power4/Federation
         - Significant performance improvements to barrier
    * Quadrics/ELAN:
         - Elan4 functionality and tuning work
         - add support for SLURM spawner
         - Improve queue depth, allowing more non-blocking put/gets to be posted 
    without stalling
    * CrayX1 & SGI Altix/SHMEM:
         - Significant performance improvements to AM's
         - Many correctness fixes to put/gets and AM's
    * Ethernet/UDP:
         - Improve the performance of loopback AM's

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