Berkeley UPC 2.2.2 released

Date: Thu Mar 09 2006 - 18:37:56 PST

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    Berkeley UPC 2.2.2 released
    We are pleased to announce the release of Berkeley UPC 2.2.2, which is
    now available on our web site at
    This release notably adds support for stand-alone UPC compilation on
    Apple Mac OS X systems: an internet connection is no longer required for
    UPC compilation on Apple laptops.
    Source is available for all supported platforms.
    Binary distributions are available for OS X and Windows/Cygwin.
    Relative to 2.2.1, this is a bug-fix release of both the run-time and
    translator components, plus support for some additional platforms:
        - Port translator to new platforms: MacOSX/PPC32, Linux/PPC64 and
        - Port runtime to: MacOSX/x86, MacOSX/PPC64 and Cray XD1
        - Translator build improvements: auto platform detection and install
        - Numerous translator optimizer improvements
        - Fix the following bugs in 2.2.1 (see for
           bug990: runtime failures on PPC/Linux with XLC
           bug1316: AMMPI workaround for bug in IBM MPI
           bug1300: upcc tweaks to support OSX translator (auto-set shared
                    lib paths)
           bug1324: string.h compilation errors on RHEL4/x86-64
           bug1327: intermittent ref-collectives crashes on ppc/xlc
           bug1337: workaround pathscale optimizer bug breaking libupcr 
           bug1358: initialization failure finding an mmap segment
           bug1367: vapi-conduit under-utilizes physical memory
           bug1375: update handling of mpi-incompatible conduit configs
           bug1378: miscompilation w/ icc-9.0.027 on ia64
           bug1392: mysterious non-collective exits from vapi-conduit
           bug1443: compile errors when using runtimes with non-canonical 
                    install paths
           bug1452: bad codegen for embedded struct alignment exceptions on 
           bug1475: broken rand() behavior with pthreads on Cygwin
           bug1490: link failures on HP C
           bug1493: barrier mismatch failures on AIX/Power5 with pthreads
                    intermittent exit crashes when profiling with pthreads
                    intermittent gmon.out loss when profiling with multiple
                    nodes intermittent crash on realloc in debug mode
        - Improve handling of asm statements in system headers
        - Robustness improvements to header-wrapper infrastructure
        - Add auto-retry and DNS failover to upcc HTTP translation
        - Many fixes to Cray XT3 port
        - Numerous misc minor bug fixes
    You are receiving this release announcement because you are subscribed 
    to a UPC related mailing list, have an account on the Berkeley UPC 
    Bugzilla server or have previously contacted our development team with 
    questions or inquiries regarding Berkeley UPC and/or GASNet. Our 
    apologies in advance if you receive multiple copies.

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