symmetric shared pointers

From: Jason Beech-Brandt (jason_at_ahpcrc_dot_org)
Date: Fri Apr 28 2006 - 12:17:45 PDT

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    Does anybody have experience using the "symmetric" shared pointer 
    representation in Berkeley upc?  I've built a version of upc-2.2.2 for 
    an SGI Altix with the --enable-sptr-symmetric configure option and then 
    built an application code (shmem network) which contains a large number 
    of shared pointers with indefinite blocksize.  The results I'm getting 
    when using the symmetric/packed representation are consistently slower 
    than just using the packed representation.  The problem gets worse the 
    larger the number of threads I use.
    Does anybody have any tips for the recommended use of the symmetric 
    representation?  I understand they are still experimental, I just want 
    to make sure I'm not using them in an unintended fashion...
    Thanks for the info.

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