Re: compilation problem

From: Dan Bonachea (bonachea_at_cs_dot_berkeley_dot_edu)
Date: Thu Nov 09 2006 - 05:11:29 PST

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    This problem should be solved in the new 2.4 release.
    Please download it and give it a try.
    At 03:58 AM 11/7/2006, maria jose martin santamaria wrote:
    >I have installed the UPC compiler using the UPC 
    >binary distribution on a Power PC G4 with Mac OS 
    >X version 10.4.8 and gcc version 4.0.1. The 
    >compiler was successfully installed, however I 
    >can not compile the hello.upc example code.
    >I obtain the following error:
    >%upcc -pthreads /usr/local/berkeley_upc/upc-examples/hello.upc
    >upcc: Error building pthread objects with thread-local data:
    >In file included from /usr/include/math.h:26,
    >                  from 
    > /usr/local/berkeley_upc-2.2.2/dist-opt/include/upcr_geninclude/math.h:276,
    >                  from 
    > /usr/local/berkeley_upc-2.2.2/dist-opt/include/upcr_syshdrs.h:57,
    >                  from 
    > /usr/local/berkeley_upc-2.2.2/dist-opt/include/upcr.h:46,
    >                  from hello_obj.c:2:
    >/usr/include/architecture/ppc/math.h:647: error: 
    >conflicting types for 'ldexp'
    >make[1]: *** [hello_obj.o] Error 1
    >make: *** [hello_obj.o] Error 2
    >Can anyone help me?
    >Maria J. Martin
    >University of A Coruņa

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