PPW version 0.4 released

From: Adam Leko (leko_at_HCS_dot_UFL_dot_EDU)
Date: Tue Nov 14 2006 - 06:03:53 PST

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    The UPC group at the University of Florida is pleased to announce the
    release of the Parallel Performance Wizard tool version 0.4.  This
    release update brings several notable improvements, including
      - A new command-line mode for viewing performance data
      - Exporting trace files to OTF (Vampir/VampirNG)
      - Better support for Mac OSX in our GUI performance browser
      - Support for loading gzipped PAR data files
      - New scalability charts for analyzing the behavior of an application
        as you increase the number of threads
    and several other tweaks and updates.  As always, you can test drive the
    new version of our tool at the following URL:
    We would greatly appreciate feedback on our tool so that we can continue
    to make improvements to it.
    -Adam Leko
    PPW developer
    HCS Lab, University of Florida

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