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From: Softpedia (maceditor_at_softpedia_dot_com)
Date: Mon May 14 2007 - 06:42:20 PDT

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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is Ilinca Strobel and I'm a Mac Editor for the Softpedia website 
    ( Softpedia website provides with news from various 
    domains such as Science, Entertainment, Games, but our main interest is 
    to maintain a very accurate and up to date software database, for 
    Windows, Macintosh and UNIX-enabled machines.
    My job as a Macintosh Editor is to maintain the Mac software database. 
    We thoroughly test all the products we list on our website, we provide 
    with our own screenshots, we allow user ratings and comments, and many 
    of the programs listed are reviewed by software specialists.
    Some of your software products were already tested by our team at 
    Softpedia. As we care very much for the quality and accuracy of the 
    information we post on the Softpedia website, I would greatly appreciate 
    if you could send us fresh information whenever you update your 
    software, when you launch new products, or whenever you feel there is 
    something we should mention.
    You can do this either by sending a PAD file (use, or by directly emailing me at 
    maceditor_at_softpedia_dot_com. This would very much ease our efforts and will 
    ensure the information we list about your programs is first hand.
    I hope you will welcome my initiative to communicate more. I'm sure 
    you're making considerable efforts to keep up with the Leopard launch 
    and to surprise your clients and fans with a great product. Tell us what 
    you're doing, and we'll let our audience know about the hard work you 
    put in.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Ilinca Strobel, Softpedia Mac Editor

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