Re: UPC Runtime error: out of shared memory

From: Dan Bonachea (bonachea_at_cs_dot_berkeley_dot_edu)
Date: Tue May 15 2007 - 13:53:42 PDT

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    Hi Alex -
    local and global shared memory are allocated from the same area which hosts 
    two heaps that grow towards each other. Therefore specifying --shared-heap=600 
    implies a limit where:
       global heap sz on thread 0 + max local heap of any thread <= 600
    The message below indicates your program is using 578 MB of local heap and 15 
    MB of global (already nearly 600 total), and then asking for at least 8 MB 
    more - so the limit of 600 is not enough for your program's memory 
    hope this helps..
    At 09:47 AM 5/15/2007, Alexander Brugh wrote:
    >I'm having some trouble running a program on my machines when I scale-up the 
    >size of some global arrays.  I've done what I consider to be a fair amount of 
    >googling for this problem, but if I overlooked a posted solution, please feel 
    >free to point it out.
    >I'm compiling with upcc v. 2.4.0 on a couple of different machines:
    >-Dual G5 tower with 2.5GB of ram, OS X 10.4
    >-Dual Core 2 Duo laptop with 2GB of ram, Ubuntu Linux
    >Eventually I'll be trying to run this program on a real cluster which also 
    >has upcc v. 2.4.0.
    >When I run on my development machines, I get the following error:
    >UPCR: UPC threads 0..1 of 2 on hollywood (process 0 of 1, pid=5138)
    >UPC Runtime error: out of shared memory
    >  Local shared memory in use:   578 MB per-thread,  1156 MB total
    >  Global shared memory in use:   15 MB per-thread,    30 MB total
    >  Total shared memory limit:    600 MB per-thread,  1200 MB total
    >upc_global_alloc unable to service request from thread 1 for 8003584 more 
    >This was compiled with the following:
    >upcc -pthreads -T 2 --shared-heap=600  upctest.c
    >I set the shared heap to 600 in a failed attempt to get more Global shared 
    >memory.  I friend of mine suggested I try over subscribing the number of 
    >threads used, with the thought that I could get 15MB per thread.  It wouldn't 
    >be a fast solution but it might have worked, instead the 30MB of global 
    >shared memory is just divided smaller amongst the threads.
    >I can't seem to find a compiler option or upcrun option to get more global 
    >shared memory.
    >This is my first shot at writing some UPC so if there's an obvious mistake 
    >staring me in the face, I'd appreciate the help in seeing it.
    >Alex Brugh

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