Re: UPC Runtime error: out of shared memory

From: Alexander Brugh (abrugh_at_lanl_dot_gov)
Date: Tue May 15 2007 - 16:33:25 PDT

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    Dan and Jason,
    Thanks for the sanity checks.  I sorta figured I was doing something 
    wrong, and it turns out I was.  I would have needed a couple hundred 
    gigs for what i was asking for... once I fixed that, I only need 1GB, 
    which is about what I expected.  I have some arrays of structs, and each 
    struct points at a handful of other structs, I was using the array size 
    value for the dependency-array size, so I had 1 million elements in the 
    array each trying to get 1 million pointers.
    Thanks again,
    Jason Duell wrote:
    > On Tue, May 15, 2007 at 01:53:42PM -0700, Dan Bonachea wrote:
    >> Hi Alex -
    >> local and global shared memory are allocated from the same area which hosts 
    >> two heaps that grow towards each other. Therefore specifying 
    >> --shared-heap=600 implies a limit where:
    >>   global heap sz on thread 0 + max local heap of any thread <= 600
    >> The message below indicates your program is using 578 MB of local heap and 
    >> 15 MB of global (already nearly 600 total), and then asking for at least 8 
    >> MB more - so the limit of 600 is not enough for your program's memory 
    >> requirements.
    >> hope this helps..
    > Yes, try with '-shared-heap=1GB' or '2GB', etc (if the runtime can't allocated
    > that much on your machine, it will just get as much as it can, and emit a
    > warning message saying how much it actually got).

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