Berkeley UPC 2.6.0 and GASNet 1.10.0 released!

From: Dan Bonachea (bonachea_at_cs_dot_berkeley_dot_edu)
Date: Sat Nov 10 2007 - 17:30:12 PST

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    We are pleased to announce the release of Berkeley UPC 2.6.0, which is now
    available at:
    Source is available for all supported platforms.  Binary distributions are
    available for OS X and Windows/Cygwin. As usual, CD's containing the release 
    will be freely available at the PGAS booth at SuperComputing 07 this week.
    The 2.6.0 release contains numerous improvements over our last release,
      - Multiconf build manager is now enabled by default, providing easy access
          to multiple UPCR configs (eg debug and opt) from the upcc command line
      - lapi-conduit now uses RDMA support on LAPI/Federation systems,
          when available, to improve communication performance
      - Data movement collectives now use a scalable, high-performance 
      - Add upcc -extern-main flag for programs with main() in non-UPC code
      - Suppress harmless warnings caused by a gcc 4.2 optimizer bug
      - Document workarounds for a gcc 4.x optimizer bug that can affect the
        correctness of shared-local accesses in rare cases.
      - Upgrade portals network support to be fully native
      - Add pthreads support on compute-node Linux
      - Value collectives v1.2: minor usability upgrades
      - Fully inline local put/get operations for GCCUPC+UPCR
      - GCCUPC+UPCR now requires GCCUPC v4.x or newer
      - Add native support for OpenIB networks via new 'ibv' network
      - Port the runtime to: CrayXT/Linux, SunC/Linux, OpenBSD/x86
      - Fix a bug with handling of multiple trans_extra files
      - Add upcrun options for backtracing and freezing
      - Add upcrun options for argument and environment encoding for buggy 
      - Add new test harness options to select groups of tests based on filters
      - Add a valgrind warning suppression file: gasnet.supp
      - Fix bug 1853: compiler mismatch warnings for GCC/UPC
      - Numerous misc fixes: see for details
    Bundled with this release is the new 1.10.0 release of the GASNet 
    communication system, which is also available for separate download at:
    Below are the notable changes at the GASNet level since the last public 
    * New conduits added:
       - ibv-conduit: High-performance conduit using the OpenIB communication
         interface on InfiniBand hardware.
    * New platform support:
       - New ports: CrayXT/Linux, K42/PPC64, OpenBSD/x86, SunC/Linux
    * IBM SP/LAPI:
       - Upgraded lapi-conduit to use RDMA support on LAPI/Federation systems,
         when available. This provides improved communication performance.
    * CrayXT/Portals:
       - portals-conduit is now a fully-native implementation, no longer relies
         on any MPI calls
       - portals-conduit now works with PrgEnv-PGI, starting with Cray PE 1.5
       - support has been added for compute-node Linux
       - support has been added for pthreads on compute-node Linux
       - fixes to automatically workaround known problems in various PE versions
       - removed the 100 MB limit for SEGMENT_FAST on CNL
       - workaround a thread-safety bug in CNL Portals that could result in
         crashes for AM-heavy workloads
    * Myrinet/GM:
       - Fix a race that could result in lost payload data for heavy AM Long
         communication in the presence of multiple client threads.
    * InfiniBand/{VAPI,IBV}:
       - New AM-over-RDMA optimization significantly improves performance of small 
       - Expose env vars to manipulate hardware-level retransmission parameters.
    * Ethernet/UDP:
       - now supports up to 16K nodes (although buffer utilization remains 
       - fix an exit race that could cause some trailing output to be lost
    * Collectives:
       - Added an initial high-performance implementation of the GASNet
         collectives. This provides scalable implementations of all the
         data movement collectives, implemented over Active Messages.
    * Misc changes:
       - Improved checking for randomized Linux VM spaces, which inhibit
         the ability to provide GASNET_ALIGNED_SEGMENTS
       - Add node placement support for various job spawners
       - Fix a crash in gasnett_threadkey for C++ clients
       - Add backtrace extensibility to GASNet tools
         which allow a user to asynchronously freeze a process or print a 
       - Many, many bug fixes, for both specific conduits and general platform
         portability. See for complete details.    

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