Re: Install problem....

From: Dan Bonachea (bonachea_at_cs_dot_berkeley_dot_edu)
Date: Fri Dec 14 2007 - 03:52:29 PST

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    Hello Jose - Apologies for the problems 
    encountered, and thanks for the bug report - I've 
    reproduced the problem by installing Xcode 2.2.1 on one of our test machines.
    The error is caused by a workaround for a bug in 
    Apple's PPC math.h system header which shipped in 
    old versions of XCode (version 2.2.1 dates back 
    to Jan 2006). Our release version was incorrectly 
    also applying the workaround to old versions of 
    XCode on i686, which led to the error.
    The easiest fix is probably to install the latest 
    version of XCode (2.5), which you can download 
    It includes many fixes and improvements relative 
    to v2.2.1, and should solve this issue as well.
    If you'd prefer not to upgrade XCode, I'm also 
    attaching a patch that you can apply to your 
    Berkeley UPC install to resolve the issue. To 
    apply it, cd into the install directory and do:
      patch -p1 < bug2217-patch
    Hope this helps!
    At 05:17 PM 12/13/2007, Munoz, Jose L. wrote:
    >I tried to install 
    >on my Mac running Mac OS 10.4.11 and Xcode 2.2.1.
    >It installed "successfully" however when I try 
    >to compile the example upd program (or any 
    >program) hello.upc I get the following:
    >upcc: error compiling translated C code:
    >In file included from /usr/include/math.h:28,
    >                  from 
    > /usr/local/berkeley_upc-2.6.0/opt/include/upcr_geninclude/math.h:275,
    >                  from 
    > /usr/local/berkeley_upc-2.6.0/opt/include/upcr_syshdrs.h:58,
    >                  from /usr/local/berkeley_upc-2.6.0/opt/include/upcr.h:48,
    >                  from hello.trans.c:2:
    >error: conflicting types for 'ldexp'
    >make: *** [hello.trans.o] Error 1
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    >Deputy Director/Senior Science Advisor
    >Office of CyberInfrastructure (OCI)
    >National Science Foundation (NSF)
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