Re: trouble using ibv-conduit

From: Steven D. Vormwald (sdvormwa_at_mtu_dot_edu)
Date: Wed Jan 16 2008 - 13:40:34 PST

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    Paul H. Hargrove wrote:
    > Steven,
    >  Whatever problem you are encountering is beyond my own experience.  
    > Attached is a very small program that is intended to list the names of 
    > your HCAs as queried from the OpenIB verbs interface.  Compile as 
    > follows, substituting your correct paths for "/opt/ofed" (and possibly 
    > adding -ldl):
    >  $ cc -o ibvls ibvls.c -I/opt/ofed/include -L/opt/ofed/lib64 -libverbs
    > and run with no arguments:
    >  $ ./ibvls
    >  ibv_get_device_list: list=0x501eb0 num_hcas=1
    >  HCA[0] = 'mthca0'
    > If this "ibvls" returns a non-empty list of HCAs, then the OpenIB verbs 
    > support from QLogic is working and GASNet is somehow at fault.  However, 
    > if this simple test program doesn't find any HCAs, then I suggest you 
    > contact QLogic (or whichever vendor provides support for your cluster) 
    > for help in getting this small test program working.  Once this small 
    > test program works, I believe GASNet should probably work as well.
    > -Paul
    The attached program also didn't find any HCAs, so I'll start looking at 
    the OpenIB configuration.  Thanks for your help so far.
    Steven Vormwald

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