memory leaks with upc_all_alloc

From: James Noble (
Date: Tue Apr 01 2008 - 14:03:52 PST

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    I've attached a program that may expose a bug with upc_all_alloc.  On  
    my mac (Intel), freeing memory allocated from upc_all_alloc doesn't  
    seem to free it at all.  Memory consumption blows up pretty quickly so  
    I think there might be a bug with upc_all_alloc and/or upc_free.  On  
    Linux (Intel), I'm not sure if it is a memory leak or not ... memory  
    consumption does creep up a bit (for the smp conduit) but no where as  
    fast as my mac.  For the udp conduit Linux also blows up quickly.
    The other two shared memory allocation functions upc_alloc and  
    upc_global_alloc seems to be OK.
    The specs of the machines and software are: Mac mini OS X 10.5 with  
    BUPC 2.6.0 on a Core Duo cpu.  The Linux box is
    a CentOS 4.? with gcc 3.4.5 with BUPC 2.6.0 on a Quad core Xeon.  I've  
    observed the behavior for both the smp and udp conduit.
    James Noble
    Box F
    Division of Applied Mathematics
    Brown University
    Providence, RI 02912
    email: noble_at_dam_dot_brown_dot_edu
    work:  (401) 863-1594
    cell:  (401) 261-6048

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