upc with mpich2

From: David J. Biesack (David.Biesack_at_sas_dot_com)
Date: Wed May 07 2008 - 11:37:18 PDT

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    I build upc 2.6.0 but it does not use the mpicc I configured.
    Our homogeneous Linux cluster is configured with MPICH2 and the mpich2 bin is in the PATH before the default LAM mpicc.
      $ type -a mpicc
      mpicc is /acl/usr/local/mpich2/bin/mpicc
      mpicc is /usr/bin/mpicc
      $ type -a mpirun
      mpirun is /acl/usr/local/mpich2/bin/mpirun
      mpirun is /usr/bin/mpirun
    I built upc 2.6.0 as per http://upc.lbl.gov/download/dist/INSTALL with
      configure CC=cc CXX=c++ MPI_CC=/acl/usr/local/mpich2/bin/mpicc
    but when I compile upc-examples/cpi then run it
      $ upcrun -np 4 cpi
    I get the following error:
      It seems that there is no lamd running on the host acl211.unx.sas.com.
      This indicates that the LAM/MPI runtime environment is not operating.
      The LAM/MPI runtime environment is necessary for the "mpirun" command.
      Please run the "lamboot" command the start the LAM/MPI runtime
      environment.  See the LAM/MPI documentation for how to invoke
      "lamboot" across multiple machines.
    Mpich2 is running on my cluster of 24 Linux nodes:
      $ mpdringtest
      time for 1 loops = 0.0115139484406 seconds
      $ mpdtrace | wc -l
    I compile upc-examples/cpi/cpi.upc with -v
      $ upcc -v -o cpi cpi.upc
      Running as: /acl/usr/local/berkeley_upc/bin/upcc_multi.pl -v -o cpi cpi.upc
      Reading multiconf spec file [/acl/usr/local/berkeley_upc/etc/multiconf.conf]
    However, upcc is invoking /usr/bin/mpicc and not the mpicc I used in configure:
      /usr/bin/mpicc   -o 'cpi' '/tmp/upcc-acladmin-2350-1210184123/cpi.o' '/tmp/upcc-acladmin-2350-1210184123/cpi_startup_tmp.o' -O3 --param max-inline-insns-single=35000 --param inline-unit-growth=10000 --param large-function-growth=200000 -Winline     -v -L/acl/usr/local/berkeley_upc/opt/lib -lupcr-ibv-seq -lumalloc -L/acl/usr/local/berkeley_upc/opt/lib -L/usr/ofed/lib64  -lgasnet-ibv-seq -libverbs  -lpthread  -L/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-redhat-linux/3.4.6 -lgcc -lm  
    Editing /acl/usr/local/berkeley_upc/etc/multiconf.conf (which had a commented out #MPI_CC= line) to specify my MPI_CC=/acl/usr/local/mpich2/bin/mpicc does not change this either.
    My UPC dbg/upcc.conf and opt/upcc.conf both specify a translator in a shared file system:
      translator = /acl/usr/local/berkeley_upc_translator-2.6.0/open64/osprey1.0/build_ia64
    Amy I doing something wrong? How can I convince upc 2.6.0 to use my mpicc and my mpirun?
    David J. Biesack     SAS Institute Inc.
    (919) 531-7771       SAS Campus Drive
    http://www.sas.com   Cary, NC 27513

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