Re: upc with mpich2

From: David J. Biesack (David.Biesack_at_sas_dot_com)
Date: Thu May 08 2008 - 08:59:21 PDT

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    After your latest tips, I am now able to get my mpich mpicc running:
      # upcc -o cpi cpi.upc
      # mpirun -np 4 cpi
      UPCR: UPC thread 0 of 4 on (process 0 of 4, pid=3151)
      UPCR: UPC thread 1 of 4 on acl202 (process 1 of 4, pid=31567)
      UPCR: UPC thread 2 of 4 on acl202 (process 2 of 4, pid=31568)
      UPCR: UPC thread 3 of 4 on (process 3 of 4, pid=13534)
      Approx:  3.14159317442312647 Error:     0.00000052083333335
    I deleted the config.cache files and reran configure.
    To be safe, I specified MPIRUN_CMD= and --with-mpirun_cmd :
    configure CC=cc CXX=c++ --with-mpi-cc=/acl/usr/local/mpich2/bin/mpicc \
       --with-mpirun-cmd="/acl/usr/local/mpich2/bin/mpirun -np %N '%P' '%A'" \
       MPI_CC=/acl/usr/local/mpich2/bin/mpicc \
       MPIRUN_CMD="/acl/usr/local/mpich2/bin/mpirun -np %N '%P' '%A'" \
    (We don't have Infiniband.)
    My network was also showing slaw sync times between my upc build and upc 'make install'
    location, and that may explain why the newer configuration options were not
    picked up.
    David J. Biesack     SAS Institute Inc.
    (919) 531-7771       SAS Campus Drive   Cary, NC 27513

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