Install question

From: Jeremy Cowles (jeremy.cowles_at_gmail_dot_com)
Date: Sun Jul 20 2008 - 12:17:21 PDT

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    I am having a problem installing the Berkeley UPC runtime (2.6.0). I've done
    the following:
      $ ./configure (no options)
           > had permission issues, but completed with success after a few runs
      $ ./make
           > multiple permissions issues, same as above
      $ ./make install
           > make: `install' is up to date.
      $ ./make install-local
           > (this completed ok)
    However, when I run upcc I get:
      $ upcc
    WARNING: skipping match for opt, because
    /usr/local/berkeley_upc/opt/bin/ does not exist.
     You may need to update your Berkeley UPC install or the configure file at:
    ERROR: No matching Berkeley UPC configuration found in
    I do have a /usr/local/berkeley_upc/etc/multiconf.conf, unmodified.
    Also, this is the /usr/local/berkeley_upc listing:
    /usr/local/berkeley_upc$ ls -R
    bin  etc
    upcc  upcc_multi
    Which seems really slim.
    I am running
          Vista ultimate with Cygwin,
          gcc 3.4.4, and
          all the requirements listed on the Cygwin install notes.
          I have no MPI compiler.
    But the build does seem to work when I run upcc from the directory where i
    ./configured & made it:
        $ ./upcc
    upcc: Error: no input files
    And from this location, I can compile and run the hello.upc test.
        $ ../upcrun -n 2 hello
    UPCR: UPC threads 0..1 of 2 on toaster (process 0 of 1, pid=561368)
    UPC Runtime warning: Requested shared memory (128 MB) > available (126 MB)
    on node 0 (toaster): using 63 MB per thread instead
    Welcome to Berkeley UPC!!!
     - Hello from thread 1
     - Hello from thread 0
    Any ideas on how I can make the make file stop thinking it's installed?

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