Problem with "--without-translator"

From: Brett Worth (
Date: Fri Oct 10 2008 - 15:00:10 PDT

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    I've spent some time trying to get a configure to work and have a problem I cant resolve.
     I've chosen option "III" which is to use the gccupc since the system in question is not
    connected to the Internet.   I also only have gigabit ethernet connecting my nodes.
    As a result in my configure options I have put --disable-OPTION for all protocols except
    UDP then specified --with-gccupc and --without-translator
    The gccupc compiler is installed and specified on the configure line too.
    I always get the error during configure that says:
    	error: cannot use both --with-gccupc and --with-translator
    I've also tried --with-multiconf=opt_gccupc but I continue to get the same error.  My
    question is, how do I get the "--without-translator" option to be recognised?
    I'm obviously missing something pretty basic.

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