From: Tahar Amari (amari_at_cpht.polytechnique.fr)
Date: Wed Feb 04 2009 - 08:58:09 PST

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    As another question I would be interested knowing
    if someone has some experience about parallel
    unstructured computation using UPC.
    It would sound much simpler than the usual MPI approach with
    UPC .
    I saw on the site a picture about CFD solver but there is no source
    code to see how this is done, ( a part from a link to another library  
    Many thanks,
    T. Amari
    Directeur de Recherche au CNRS
    Centre de Physique Theorique
    Ecole Polytechnique
    91128 Palaiseau Cedex France
    tel : 33 1 69 33 42 52
    fax: 33 1 69 33 30 08
    email: <mailto:[email protected]>
    URL : http://www.cpht.polytechnique.fr/cpht/amari

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