Re: UPC Benchmarks

From: Gary Funck (gary_at_intrepid_dot_com)
Date: Thu Feb 12 2009 - 10:50:51 PST

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    On 02/12/09 12:49:32, Steven D. Vormwald wrote:
    > Hello,
    > Are there any "standard" UPC benchmarks available, preferably with  
    > fine-grained (few upc_mem{cpy|get|put} or collective calls) remote  
    > memory accesses?  A cursory search of the various University project  
    > pages and the wiki hasn't revealed any, but I thought I'd ask before  
    > implementing some on my own.
    A student at MTU, Zhang Zhang, presented some UPC benchmark results
    back in 2004/2005:
    We looked at those his paper, and those benchmarks, and noted
    some methodological errors.  Notably, a buggy version of the NPB benchmark
    developed by GWU was utilized which skewed results and led to some
    false indications of failures when run on various platforms.
    This led to apparent "no shows" by various compilers.
    A couple of years ago, we collected UPC benchmarks from various
    sources, and re-worked them so that they (1) execute enough iterations
    to be meaningful on modern hardware, (2) did not print extraneous
    output during the timing run part of the benchmark, and (3) were run
    in a dedicated OS environment (run level 1 on Linux) to avoid
    extraneous timing noise created by normal OS activities (4) sufficient
    runs of the benchmarks were made to obtain a representative timing
    sample.  We found that all these steps were necessary to obtain
    reasonable timing results.  During that process, we did not attempt
    to verify that each benchmark measured exactly what it was trying
    to measure in an effective fashion.  Further, we didn't try to
    verify that complex benchmarks (like NPB) produced correct results.
    Although I commend Zhang Zhang for advancing knowledge in the
    area of UPC performance -- due to methodological errors it is
    unfortunate that his paper is the seminal work in this area.
    I'd like to see his experiments re-done with the errors corrected,
    and run against current compilers and runtime systems.
    A procedural recommendation: while developing and selecting
    benchmarks and collecting initial results, I'd encourage
    that the results be run by each vendor involved to ensure that
    the compiler was executed with appropriate paramaters and to
    give the vendor the opportunity to fix small errors/bugs,
    and to verify that the benchmarks in fact measure the
    feature as intended.
    - Gary

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