UDP Conduit Environment Issue

From: James Dinan (dinan_at_cse.ohio-state.edu)
Date: Sun Apr 26 2009 - 12:55:00 PDT

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    I've run into a slight problem with how the environment is propagated
    when using the UDP conduit.  I'm using BUPC 2.8.0.
    My code is calling a non-upc library function which queries an
    environment variable.  The environment variable can be read fine in main
    but not in the non-upc library I am calling.  Looking through the
    translated code I realized this is because the upc compiler is
    substituting bupc_getenv for calls to getenv.  BUPC is then reading the
    correct value from its private copy of the environment.
    Unfortunately I can't do this substitution in the library code.  One
    workaround is to call bupc_getenv() followed by setenv in my UPC code to
    manually copy the variable from one environment to the other.  But this
    is not ideal.
    Is there a better way to ensure that BUPC propagates values from its
    environment into the main environment?  I tried setting UPC_ENVPREFIX
    but that didn't help.  Also, I noticed this problem does not occur when
    using the mpi conduit so it may be restricted to environment handling
    for the udp conduit.
    I've attached a test case that exercises my problem.  Here is what the
    output looks like on my system:
    $ make
    gcc -Wall   -c -o library.o library.c
    upcc -network=udp -o env-test library.o env-test.upc
    $ export MYVAR=success
    $ upcrun -n 1 ./env-test
    UPCR: UPC thread 0 of 1 on bblogin (process 0 of 1, pid=23587)
    Environment lookup test.  Variable name is MYVAR.
    main: success
    env_test: (null)
    Manually propagating variable from upc main
    main: success
    env_test: success
    Also, a big thanks to all who have contributed to Berkeley UPC.  This is
    a wonderful project!
    Best wishes,

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