Re[2]: Debugging problems

From: Andreev Nikita (
Date: Thu Sep 10 2009 - 03:01:48 PDT

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    > If you pass -nolines to upcc then the #line directive are omitted and
    > GDB will see line numbers and filenames corresponding to the foo.trans.c
    > files.  Together with -save-temps to prevent removal of the .trans.s 
    > file, the -nolines option to upcc should be the only magic required to
    > have GDB to look at the transformed file.
    -nolines did the trick.
    >> You can see that line numbering is out of range.
    > I can see that, but cannot account for it.  That should not be happening.
    In general -save-temps works fine and correlate with foo.c. Maybe it
    just confuses something at the end of the function.
    If you are interested I can post minor bug issue in bugzilla or
    something. If not either way it doesn't prevent me from debugging. And
    I can submit problem as solved.
    Thank you, Paul.

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