Open64 Front End/ir_tools on Mac OSX 10.5?

From: Jeremy Abramson (abramson_at_isi_dot_edu)
Date: Tue Nov 10 2009 - 19:40:10 PST

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    Hello all!
         As part of my dissertation research, I'm currently using Open64 to 
    tackle some performance prediction/analysis questions.  Or, more 
    accurately, I use the Open64 front ends to generate WHIRL .B files, 
    which I then use external tools (based off things like ir_walker and 
    ir_b2a if you're at all familiar with Open64) to manipulate them. 
         I've noticed your group seems to have managed to get a fair amount 
    of Open64 to compile under OSX.  I was just wondering if you actually 
    generate .B files with your tool (under OSX) and if you think it would 
    be that difficult to get the ir_tools to link against your OSX 
    codebase.  I didn't see any of the normal ir_tools (ir_size, ir_a2b) or 
    anything in your source tree.
         Anyway, I'm pretty sure getting ir_a2b.cxx to compile and link 
    against your existing OSX code should be pretty straightforward, but I'm 
    not particularly good at getting Makefiles and includes to agree with 
    each other.  I can compile it to an object file, but the build 
    environment is a little different than I'm used to, and adding more 
    object files manually didn't really work.  So does anyone have any hints 
    on getting that to work?  And also, as I mentioned, is there actually a 
    --keep option to your tool, or any other way of getting .B files under 
         If so, you may very well help a Ph.D. student get his wings. =]
    Thanks so much,

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