Re: Atomic set for double

From: Paul H. Hargrove (PHHargrove_at_lbl_dot_gov)
Date: Wed Feb 10 2010 - 16:44:53 PST

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    I am 98% sure that you are correct that UPC does not guarantee atomicity 
    for programs with data races.
    You are also correct that the bupc_atomic_* extensions only provide for 
    atomicity among accesses made via bupc_atomic_*.
    I am not aware of any portable manner in which one can obtain atomicity 
    in UPC except via locks or barriers.
    Dorian Krause wrote:
    > Dear list,
    > if I understand it correctly, the UPC standard does not provided any 
    > atomicity guarantees for load/store operations to the shared memory. 
    > Is there any way for implementing atomic set function for double values?
    > BUPC provides the bupc_atomic* extensions which could be used for 
    > storing a 64 bit double value atomically. However, as I understand it 
    > these functions do not work if another thread accesses the memory 
    > region with upc_memget() instead of bupc_atomicX_read(), right?
    > Thanks,
    > Dorian
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