Re: Compilation error for instrumented code

From: Paul H. Hargrove (PHHargrove_at_lbl_dot_gov)
Date: Tue Feb 16 2010 - 11:15:25 PST

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    This is not normal behavior as far as I know.
    When no network options is specified the behavior is to default to 
    --network=smp, unless some other default has been set in the global 
    upcc.conf file or the user's ~/.upccrc.
    So, I don't know why you would have success with -network=udp and a link 
    failure without it.
    As soon as I have a chance I'll see if I can reproduce anything similar.
    Nikita Andreev wrote:
    > Hello Paul and everyone.
    > Today I've ran into some strange upcc script behaviour. I've got my 
    > own GASP analysis tool and when I try to compile sample code this way:
    > /opt/bupc-runtime-2.8.0-gasp/bin/upcc --network=udp 
    > --inst-toolname=trace-mod /opt/trace-mod-1.0.0/share/upcall.c 
    > -L/opt/trace-mod-1.0.0/lib -ltracer --inst test.c
    > everything go fine. But when I invoke:
    > /opt/bupc-runtime-2.8.0-gasp/bin/upcc --inst-toolname=trace-mod 
    > /opt/trace-mod-1.0.0/share/upcall.c -L/opt/trace-mod-1.0.0/lib 
    > -ltracer --inst test.c
    > I get the following errors:
    > upcc: error running '/usr/bin/gmake --no-print-directory' to link 
    > application:
    > /opt/bupc-runtime-2.8.0-gasp/opt_inst/lib/libupcr-smp-seq.a(upcr_globfiles-smp-seq.o): 
    > In function `upcri_pevt_endfn':
    > upcr_globfiles.c:(.text+0x86c): undefined reference to `gasp_event_notify'
    > /opt/bupc-runtime-2.8.0-gasp/opt_inst/lib/libupcr-smp-seq.a(upcr_globfiles-smp-seq.o): 
    > In function `_upcr_notify':
    > upcr_globfiles.c:(.text+0x912): undefined reference to `gasp_event_notify'
    > upcr_globfiles.c:(.text+0x949): undefined reference to `gasp_event_notify'
    > /opt/bupc-runtime-2.8.0-gasp/opt_inst/lib/libupcr-smp-seq.a(upcr_globfiles-smp-seq.o): 
    > In function `upcri_convertandbin_ilist':
    > upcr_globfiles.c:(.text+0xaa6): undefined reference to `gasp_event_notify'
    > upcr_globfiles.c:(.text+0xfa7): undefined reference to `gasp_event_notify'
    > ...
    > I know compiling without network option doesn't make sense. But user 
    > can forget to pass this option to my wrapper script and will get this 
    > error which is misleading. From error log it looks like it can't link 
    > with GASP tool library. Is it a compiler bug or normal behaviour?
    > Nikita
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