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From: Nikita Andreev (
Date: Sat Apr 10 2010 - 23:25:34 PDT

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    Works perfect. Thanks again.
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    Subject: Re: BUPC headers
    > Nikita,
    > Most of the upc_*.h headers are only suitable for inclusion in UPC code 
    > that will pass though our source-to-source translator. For instance, your 
    > tool will be compiled by a C compiler that will not be able to parse 
    > shared keyword in the prototypes of the collective operations. That is the 
    > reason for the check for the "initial preprocess".
    > The UPC runtime library has the same need as you to deal with various 
    > UPC_* constants. For that reason, these constants and several typedefs are 
    > all in pure C headers with names like [something]_bits.h. In your case you 
    > probably need to include upcr_preinclude/upc_collective_bits.h (which 
    > happens to include upc_bits.h).
    > -Paul
    > Nikita Andreev wrote:
    >> Hello Paul and all,
    >> I'm writing the performance optimization instrument and I need to parse 
    >> collective operations synchronization flags. In my case they're encoded 
    >> in int variable which I get from GASP. I do parsing in separate C (not 
    >> UPC) utility and apparently I need to include upc_collective.h to get 
    >> UPC_{IN,OUT}_{NO,MY,ALL}SYNC declarations from there. But when I include 
    >> upc_collective.h (I also tried to include upc.h before that) from 
    >> opt_inst/include/upcr_preinclude I get:
    >> In file included from utility.c:20:
    >> /opt/bupc-runtime-2.8.0-gasp/opt_inst/include/upcr_preinclude/upc_collective.h:5:2: 
    >> error: #error This file should only be included during initial preprocess
    >> /opt/bupc-runtime-2.8.0-gasp/opt_inst/include/upcr_preinclude/upc_collective.h:9:2: 
    >> error: #error Bad feature macro predefinition
    >> In file included from utility.c:20:
    >> /opt/bupc-runtime-2.8.0-gasp/opt_inst/include/upcr_preinclude/upc_collective.h:51: 
    >> error: expected ‘)’ before ‘void’
    >> /opt/bupc-runtime-2.8.0-gasp/opt_inst/include/upcr_preinclude/upc_collective.h:52: 
    >> error: expected ‘)’ before ‘void’
    >> /opt/bupc-runtime-2.8.0-gasp/opt_inst/include/upcr_preinclude/upc_collective.h:53: 
    >> error: expected ‘)’ before ‘void’
    >> /opt/bupc-runtime-2.8.0-gasp/opt_inst/include/upcr_preinclude/upc_collective.h:54: 
    >> error: expected ‘)’ before ‘void’
    >> ...
    >> By now I still don't understand what's the problem. Could you help?
    >> Nikita
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