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B.17 ppw-showopts

The ppw-showopts command can be used to check what runtime measurement options are in effect. When run, ppw-showopts examines the current PPW runtime configuration by reading environment variables/etc and prints out all measurement settings to stdout.

Under normal circumstances, PPW's runtime measurement options are controlled using the ppwrun(1) program, which sets all environment variables according to the options given to it.

Most users do not need to use this command, but it can be useful in tracking down problems if ppwrun(1) is not working as expected. In particular, it is very useful in checking what measurement options are in effect if you need to set them via environment variables because your parallel job spawner does not propagate environment variables. See ppwrun(1) for more information on how that situation can arise.

B.17.1 Invoking ppw-showopts

To invoke ppw-showopts, use the following syntax:


B.17.2 ppw-showopts Command Options

ppw-showopts does not have any command-line options.