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B.18 resolves function names and callsites expressed as VMAs (virtual memory addresses) into their appropriate form. An input PAR file will likely contain function names and callsites as VMAs if it comes from the execution of a program that was compiled using the --inst-functions option of ppwshmemcc, ppwmpicc, or ppwcc. A PAR file will also contain callsites as VMAs if libunwind was used to obtain callsite information. works by making appropriate invocations of the addr2line program.

B.18.1 Invoking

To invoke, use the following syntax:

  [--quiet] input.par output.par

B.18.2 Command Options accepts the following options:

Suppress all output to the screen during normal execution.

B.18.3 Notes requires the addr2line program to be available in order to work properly. In addition, the script must be able to locate and open your original application executable (corresponding to the input PAR file), so it is best to run immediately after obtaining a PAR file that needs to be fixed.