Shared structures

From: P Mehta ([email protected])
Date: Mon Jun 21 2004 - 10:20:53 PDT

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      Another implementation based question for UPC.  I am trying to build a
    simple queue that can be shared among threads, but I'm running into some
    issues.  The queue is a structure of (for simplicity) one pointer to a
    (possible shared) array of integers, and three other integers.
      I want to be able to allocate the structure dynamically in one thread,
    and have it accessible by all threads later.  From what I understand (and
    please correct me if I'm wrong), this would require a upc_global_alloc
    call and that a shared pointer-to-shared (ie. shared struct queue
      Unfortunately there are a number of complications that I cannot seem to
    resolve.  For example, in this case, should the pointer within the
    structure be a pointer to shared, or is the sharing resolved by making the
    pointer to the structure a shared pointer?  I've found that I can only
    make the pointer a shared variable, and I am not allowed to make the other
    three integers 'shared int's.  Additionally, I've found that to create a
    shared pointer-to-shared, the declaration must be made statically.  Is
    this the case; am I limited to static declarations?
      Also, are there some pointer declaration cases in which one of the
    allocation functions will work and another will not?  For example, is
    there a case where the allocation must be a upc_all_alloc, and making an
    analogous (eg. single thread) upc_global_alloc will not work?
    Paras Mehta

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