From: Marc Gonzalez-Sigler ([email protected])
Date: Wed Dec 08 2004 - 02:00:20 PST

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    I've been asked to make Open64's whirl2c and whirl2f work reliably 
    enough that it is possible to:
    1. Translate SPECfp2000 source code into WHIRL
    2. Apply preopt and LNO
    3. Regenerate source code
    4. Compile with GCC on amd64 or i386
    Costin Iancu said:
       Roy Ju from Intel mentioned some time ago that they might have
       a cleaned up version of whirl2c that works well. I do not think
       it made it into the ORC release.
    Has there been any news of this version?
    Greg Lindahl said you (LBL+UCB) had already made many improvements to 
    SGI's whirl2c. I checked wn2c.cxx but I am not familiar enough yet with 
    the code to understand the improvements.
    I downloaded berkeley_upc_translator-2.0.1.tar.gz and compiled it on 
    Linux/i386 with GCC 3.2.2
    Is your whirl2c supposed to work with WHIRL files produced by ORC 2.1? 
    (Perhaps my environment is not set up correctly.)
    $ cat testcase.c
    struct foo { int x; int y[3]; } bar;
    int main(void)
       bar.y[1] = 666666;
       return 0;
    $ orcc -fe -keep testcase.c
    $ upc_whirl2c testcase.B
    ### Assertion failure at line 932 of ../../be/whirl2c/ty2c.cxx:
    ### Compiler Error in file testcase.c during Post LNO Processing phase:
    ### Unexpected TY_kind (0) in TY2C_translate()
    Did you modify the WHIRL?
    On a related subject, can I simply feed pre-processed C the gfec binary 
    to produce a WHIRL file, and then use ORC's preopt and LNO?
    Regards, Marc

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