From: Eric Frederich (eric.frederich_at_gmail_dot_com)
Date: Thu Nov 17 2005 - 08:13:26 PST

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    I am new to parallel processing. I am reading through the documentation and
    have come to understand that when you compile UPC programs then are compiled
    into an intermediate form, then sent to different nodes where they are
    compiled into C or C++.
    Please tell me if this asumption is correct. I can have a cluster with an
    AMD Thunderbird, and AMD Athlon XP, and an Intel P4 because they will be
    sent the source and will be compiled locally during the run?
    Also, I downloaded the UPC package and read through the INSTALL file that
    came with it. I think I will be able to install it but I was wondering a
    couple of things.
    1, do I need to build this on each node in my network? I think the answer is
    yes, but I wanted to ask anyway.
    2, doesn't there need to be a daemon process running on each node to listen
    and accept requests for computation?
    The only thing I saw about multiple hosts was in the man page where it
    mentioned to use either an evironment variable with spaces between host
    names or a file with one host per line and use an environment variable to
    point to that file. I didn't see anything about how to install UPC on these
    Could someone please give me an explaination on how UPC is supposed to work
    with multiple compute nodes.
    Thanks ahead of time,
    ~Eric L. Frederich

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