Re: libgasnet on X1

From: Jason Beech-Brandt (jason_at_ahpcrc_dot_org)
Date: Thu May 18 2006 - 12:59:19 PDT

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    Thanks for the info on this.  I'm trying to build just the 
    shmem-conduit, but am still having trouble using an older version of the 
    compiler (CC.  I actually managed to get a working build with 
    CC., but the executable seems buggy (seg'v upon execution) which 
    I guess is related to bug 1485.
    We do have a Linux cross-compile machine set up so I might give that a 
    try.  I've seen the instructions in the INSTALL file, so I'll follow 
    that and see how I get on.
    Dan Bonachea wrote:
    > At 11:42 AM 5/12/2006, Jason Beech-Brandt wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> I'm having trouble building libgasnet on an X1 using the Cray C 
    >> compiler (  My problem seems to be the same as bug 1041 
    >> (Segmenation Fault when compiling gasnet-internal.c)
    >> I tried the suggested workaround of
    >> gmake -k MANUAL_LIBCFLAGS='-hlist=a' ; repeat...
    >> but this doesn't seem to be working for me.  The comment says to try 
    >> this 'repeatedly', so maybe I'm just being impatient, but I've tried 
    >> it quite a few times.
    >> Does anybody have any success stories building libgasnet on this 
    >> platform?
    >> Thanks in advance for the info.
    > Two suggestions - first, try using a different (preferably older) C 
    > compiler version if you have one available. The C compiler crash seems 
    > to be a race in the optimizer, and therefore many things (including 
    > system load) can perturb it such that it does or does not arise. Note 
    > the only libgasnet you need is the native X1 conduit in 
    > gasnet/shmem-conduit, so if the other conduits are failing just ignore 
    > those or configure with --disable-mpi --disable-udp etc to disable them.
    > Note there is another unrelated bug in the Cray C optimizer affecting 
    > some UPC codes compiled with Berkeley UPC, which originated between 
    > compiler versions CC. (which works) and CC. (which 
    > fails) - more info:
    > We've reported the C compiler bug to Cray, but as far as I know it 
    > still remains unfixed.
    > Another suggestion would be to use cross-compilation, is much faster 
    > and seems to demonstrate the optimizer crash less frequently - do you 
    > have a Solaris or Linux cross-compile machine set up for your X1 
    > system? (Note that in order to use this option, you'll need a 
    > cross-compile script which we can provide)
    > Hope this helps...
    > Dan

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