Regarding UPC

From: jagan jagan (ajaganath_at_gmail_dot_com)
Date: Mon Sep 04 2006 - 07:20:52 PDT

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    Dear sir,
          Im Jaganath.A from India doing my project with regarding to UPC i was
    very much disappointed by the news that UPC cant supprt heterogenous system.
    I first preferred Global array but i coudnt install it on Linux and major
    problem is doesnt support heterogenous system. So i like to know is there
    any other tool that is very similar *"Global array"* but works on windows
    well global doesnt works on Windows....Im not sure about it if it can work
    then can you suggest me the version and about it.
                           * Im expecting u favourable reply and suggestions
    regarding this. (Global array,windows)*
       thank u
    with sincere

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