Re: Regarding UPC

From: Dan Bonachea (bonachea_at_cs_dot_berkeley_dot_edu)
Date: Mon Sep 04 2006 - 12:10:09 PDT

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    Berkeley UPC supports operation on a wide variety of systems (including 
    windows) however it does not currently support the use of a heterogenerous 
    system to run a given job (beyond minor differences, such as slightly 
    differing versions of the same Operating system, or different revisions of an 
    x86 chip, etc).
    You're unlikely to find good support for heterogeneity in a shared-memory 
    programming environment such as UPC or Global Arrays, because heterogeneity 
    and shared-memory programming are somewhat at odds with each other (the system 
    would need to somehow deal with issues like endianness conversion and pointer 
    width adjustment under the covers). Even if there were such a system, the 
    heterogeneity would likely induce non-trivial performance penalties such that 
    you might not want to use it. These systems are designed primarily for 
    scientific computing, where the standard practice is to use large homogeneous 
    systems for reasons of simplicity and performance.
    Please direct further questions regarding Global Arrays to their support 
    At 07:20 AM 9/4/2006, jagan jagan wrote:
    >Dear sir,
    >       Im Jaganath.A from India doing my project with regarding to UPC i was 
    > very much disappointed by the news that UPC cant supprt heterogenous system. 
    > I first preferred Global array but i coudnt install it on Linux and major 
    > problem is doesnt support heterogenous system. So i like to know is there 
    > any other tool that is very similar "Global array" but works on windows well 
    > global doesnt works on Windows....Im not sure about it if it can work then 
    > can you suggest me the version and about it.
    >                        Im expecting u favourable reply and suggestions 
    > regarding this. (Global array,windows)
    >    thank u
    >with sincere

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