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From: Kathy Yelick (yelick_at_EECS_dot_Berkeley_dot_EDU)
Date: Tue Sep 05 2006 - 10:56:33 PDT

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    UPC can run on top of an ethernet network using the "udp conduit" so
    on what systems you would like to link together, it may be possible to do
    However, if you're tyring to write a singe program that works across
    machines, each of which is quite different, this is not what UPC is designed
    UPC does not support heterogeneous systems and is really designed
    for data sharing within a single parallel cluster, shared-memory
    or other systems that is managed as a single homogeneous system.  
    If you're referring to "Global Arrays" in the comparison, it is a library
    rather than
    a language.  There is no Global Arrays compiler.  It runs on top of ARMCI,
    is similar to the GASNet layer used beneath our UPC implementations.  There 
    are other UPC implementations (gccupc from Intrepid, as well as compilers
    HP and Cray).  One of the advantage of UPC is that the compiler can and does
    perform optimizations of the UPC constructs.
    In terms of disadvantages, this would depend on what you're trying to do.
    It's probably best to try it out, as the installation is fairly easy.  Let
    us know
    if you have problems with our installation.
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    Dear sir,
              Me Jaganath.A from INDIA.
          we are doing our prject regardind shared data using UPC we want to
    have info about UPC. 
          Could it be possible to share the data among multiple systems and can
    access by the time?
         What are all the disadvantage of UPC?? Thouge we can step our feet to
    "GLOBAL array" tool kit y we not interested in choosing it. 
    Expecting your reply
    With faith

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