Re: Problems with ISO image

From: Dan Bonachea (bonachea_at_cs_dot_berkeley_dot_edu)
Date: Tue Sep 12 2006 - 17:55:04 PDT

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    At 05:02 PM 9/12/2006, Bernd Marquardt wrote:
    >I have tried to download several times during the last weeks the "Berkeley 
    >UPC v2.2.2 Binary Installer" (ISO image for Windows without Cygwin), but it 
    >seems the file is corrupt. When burning the image to a disk, the burning 
    >software stops before the last 100 Mbytes. I try this with two PC's and two 
    >different burning software applications. Please can you check the file? I'm 
    >very interested in UPC parallel programming. At the moment I do a lot of 
    >parallel stuff with OpenMP.
    Hi Bernd -
      Please try running the following command on your download:
    md5sum berkeley_upc-2.2.2-bin.iso
    (if you don't have an MD5 checker, you can get one here:
    The result should match this:
    cea1ac52b51acaffda1f9a48e1000726  berkeley_upc-2.2.2-bin.iso
    and the file should have a size of exactly 809246582 bytes.
    I've just run this on our web server and verified the image is still intact 
    (matches the MD5 checksum we generated at release time for the 
    carefully-tested ISO).
    It's possible there's some incompatibility in your burning software - on 
    Windows I'd recommend using Nero CD burner, although it should work with 
    others as well. Be sure to use a dust-free, high-quality 700MB CD (old 650MB 
    CD is too small) and possibly burn at lower speed in case your computer can't 
    keep up.
    If things still aren't working for you, try downloading the tar-gzipped 
    installer - which is slightly bigger (and doesn't fit on a single CD) but can 
    be unzipped and used to install from a hard drive.
    If all else fails, you can download and install Cygwin yourself from, ensure you install the required Cygwin packages (ash, 
    binutils, gawk, gcc, gcc-core, grep, gzip, make, perl, tar) and then build 
    Berkeley UPC runtime yourself from our source distribution. However, given the 
    unfortunate day-to-day instability of Cygwin "releases", your mileage with 
    this option might vary.
    Hope this helps...

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