libupcio RC-1.00 is available

From: Samy Bahra (sbahra_at_gwu_dot_edu)
Date: Mon Apr 09 2007 - 04:35:36 PDT

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    I am happy to announce that the first release candidate of libupcio
    is now available for download. It is the first parallel I/O implementation
    of UPC/IO and has been tested on several platforms including Linux,
    Solaris, NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Mac OS X. We appreciate
    any feedback from users and abusers as we work towards the first
    You may download it from:
    The main WiKi is available at:
    Known issues?
    Known issues exist with shared reads and blocksize of 0, otherwise
    this release candidate has passed the rest of our regressions.
    2-clause BSD.
    UPC/IO conformance up to the current accepted specification, manual
    page documentation, installation and configuration tool.
    Brought to you by?
    The George Washington University High Performance Computing Laboratory
    The second release candidate will include UPC_ASYNC and additional feedback
    from the community. It is expected to be released in a 2-month timeframe.
    Samy Al Bahra

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