RE: a problem of "unable to open any HCA ports" when upcrun a program

From: luxingjing (eirc.lew_at_gmail_dot_com)
Date: Wed Oct 29 2008 - 18:46:13 PST

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      I have resolved the problem. I set the environment like below:
    export GASNET_SSH_SERVERS=""
    export GASNET_SSH_CMD=rsh
    export GASNET_VAPI_SPAWNER=ssh
    export PATH=/home/autopar/upc_infiniband/bin:/home/autopar/mpich2/bin:$PATH
    I think the problem is strange, when login as: rsh node7, it succeed,
    But rsh failed before, now I can do that(Some time I just feel
    amazing), so the problem disappeared. 
    Thank you!
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    Subject: a problem of "unable to open any HCA ports" when upcrun a program
    Email to [email protected] failed, so I am resending to your gmail 
    This error indicates that one or more nodes faild to locate an InfiniBand
    It is possible that the InfiniBand hardware and/or software has not been
    setup on one or more nodes. You should see the message you quote once
    for each failing attempt. If you see less than 32 instances, then it is
    possible that at least one node does have a working InfiniBand
    On each of the machines in you UPC_NODES, try running the "vstat"
    utility to see if it reports at least one "PORT_ACTIVE" line on each.
    It is also possible, that the InfiniBand libraries are present but there
    is no hardware at all.

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