Re: UPC does not show up

From: Tahar Amari (
Date: Thu Feb 05 2009 - 09:10:24 PST

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    I succeed installing Eclipse. with UPC module. Thanks a lot.
    In wanted to run one of the UPC distribution example
    lets say example.upc
    In Prefrence  , langage settings i choose UPC source and UPC compiler .
    Colors are OK.
    However this is the first time I am using Eclipse !
    So when I did new project, usually in Xcode, I can "add" a file to a   
    project and then when I do buiild
    then run , I got it work.
    Now I cannot find where I could "add a file " to the project. I can  
    open it , and see it in Eclipse. But is this
    what makes a file belonging to a project ? We just open files , and  
    this build the project tree ?
    The result of what I am doing (probably bad), when I do build in  
    project (I do not see what happens)
    and run gives " the selection cannot be launched and there are no  
    recent launches"
    Sorry to ask you those basic question, but it seem that I am very  
    close to make my first UPC programm
    running in Eclipse , thanks to your great help.
    T. Amari
    Centre de Physique Theorique
    Ecole Polytechnique
    91128 Palaiseau Cedex France
    tel : 33 1 69 33 42 52
    fax: 33 1 69 33 30 08
    email: <mailto:[email protected]>
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