Re: UPC does not show up

From: Mike Kucera (mkucera_at_ca_dot_ibm_dot_com)
Date: Thu Feb 05 2009 - 12:47:08 PST

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    I think there are two ways of approaching this:
    1) Create a new project (File > New > C Project), then in the wizard
    uncheck "use default location" and specify the root folder of where your
    code lives as the project folder.
    2) Create a new C project in the default location and then import your
    files into the project. You can do this by right-clicking the project,
    select Import > General > File System.
    If you have more questions I would advise the following
    1) Check the help system (Help > Help Contents > C/C++ Development User
    2) Ask on the CDT newsgroup:
    3) Ask on the PTP mailing list:  PTP is the Eclipse
    Parallel Tools Project and there may be some people there experienced with
    using Eclipse with UPC.
    This mailing list is for UPC users and not for Eclipse. So I think any
    further eclipse related questions should be asked on those lists.
    Mike Kucera
    Software Developer
    IBM Eclipse CDT Team

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