No code in procedure user_main

From: Nico Kasprzyk ([email protected])
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 03:23:50 PDT

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    Hello list,
    I want to use UPC as a C to C compiler and also play with some more 
    options that are offered by upcc script. Thus, I want to process my 
    source code with following commands:
     > gfec -O0 -ansi -dx -version -quiet -dumpbase test.c \
         test.E.c -o test.F.c
     > be  -PHASE:i:l -fB,test.F.c test.c
     > whirl2c -fB,test.N test.c
    In test.c I have included following code:
    int one_function() {
       return 45;
    int user_main() {
       int a[50];
       int b[50];
       int i;
       for( i=10;i<one_function();i++ ) {
         a[i] = a[i-1] + a[i-2];
         b[i] = a[i-1];
       return a[30];
    The program gfec gets the preprocessed file test.E.c. If I call whirl2c 
    with test.F.c a nearly original C file is created. But whirl2c called 
    with test.N creates an file with following content:
      * C file translated from WHIRL Thu Jun 23 10:41:17 2005
    /* Include file-level type and variable decls */
    #include "test.w2c.h"
    extern _INT32 user_main()
       return 0;
    } /* user_main */
    My simple question is: What is wrong?
    I hope you can help me.
    Nico Kasprzyk

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