To install PPW, download the software at the links below. If you have never used PPW before, we recommend that you first check out the quick-start guide, briefly glance over the user manual, then work through the tutorial.

PPW is known to work on many platforms, though it has been most heavily tested on Linux with Berkeley UPC. Other tested platforms include Cray XT (running CNL) with Berkeley UPC (using both the Portals and MPI conduits), FreeBSD, and Sun Solaris. We have also done some testing using the GCC UPC compiler instead of Berkeley UPC, as well as with Open MPI and MPICH2.

If you experience any problems getting PPW to run on your system, please contact us or file a bug report on our bugzilla website.

Stable Release(3.2)

System requirements

PPW backend prerequisites

At a minimum, you will need the following to build the PPW backend:

  • Some version of Unix, or a Unix-like operating environment

  • make (GNU make is recommended)

  • Perl (5.005 or newer)

  • A number of standard Unix tools: a Bourne-compatible shell, 'sed', 'awk', etc.

  • A C compiler. The PPW code should be able to build with essentially any C89-compliant compiler. Let us know if you find an exception.

PPW frontend GUI prerequisites

PPW's GUI is Java based. Thus the primary requirement is a Java JRE, version 1.5 or higher. We have primarily tested with Sun's (now Oracle's) JRE, but you may likely have good luck with other variants.

Older versions

For older versions of PPW click here.