Parallel Performance Wizard v3.2 Tutorial

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Parallel Performance Wizard Tutorial

This document provides a hands-on look at the Parallel Performance Wizard (PPW) performance analysis tool. In this tutorial we will analyze the GWU Unified Parallel C (UPC) implementation of the NPB2.4 integer sort (IS) benchmark, showing how to use PPW to identify potential performance issues in the code.

This tutorial assumes you already have PPW installed and working properly. For instructions on how to install PPW, please see the PPW user manual which is available online at the PPW website.

Additionally, data from this tutorial was gathered on a 32-node AMD Opteron cluster with a Quadrics interconnect. If follow along with this tutorial on other systems, you might see slightly different performance characteristics for this benchmark.

Even though this tutorial focuses on UPC, most of the techniques presented here also apply to other languages (such as SHMEM). See the PPW user manual for instructions on how to use PPW with other parallel languages besides UPC.

Special thanks goes to the HPCL lab at GWU for releasing their NPB implementations to the general public, provided excellent source material for dissection in this tutorial.