Parallel Performance Wizard v3.2 User Manual

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PPW User Manual

Thank you for downloading the Parallel Performance Wizard (PPW) tool, version 3.2. This user manual describes how to install and use PPW.

We hope that you find PPW useful for troubleshooting performance problems in your applications. Should you encounter any problems while using PPW, please report them using our Bugzilla website. You may also report feature requests using this website. We want our software to remain as bug-free as possible and appreciate any feedback that might help us improve our tool.

If this is your first time using PPW or you are not very familiar with PPW, we recommend reading the PPW concepts chapter (see PPW Concepts) first.

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PPW Concepts

Installing PPW

Analyzing UPC Programs

Analyzing SHMEM Programs

Analyzing MPI Programs

Analyzing C Programs

Managing Measurement Overhead

Frontend GUI Reference

Eclipse PTP Integration

API Reference

Command Reference

Help browser

Compiler wrappers and run utilities

File conversion utilities

Miscellaneous utilities